Corporate Services

The sedentary working environment coupled with long working hours and poor nutrition choices have a negative impact on employees' wellbeing and performance. Some of the most prominent issues are low energy, low self-esteem, weight gain and stress. Check what former clients say about our program.

Seminar: Weight Loss Through Healthy Eating For Employees

  • Very powerful strategies for healthy weight loss; based on balanced eating.
  • Nutrient deficiency analysis and food recommendations for employees.
  • 24-hour diet recall group discussion.
  • One day weight-loss diet plan example/template base on optimal nutrition strategies.

Coaching: Customized Weight-Loss Program For Executives

  • Thorough assessment of his/her lifestyle, eating habits and health history.
  • Customized diet plan/protocol based on food preferences, lifestyle and health history.
  • Weekly meetings face-to-face.
  • Weight-loss coaching based on his/her business itinerary.
  • Restaurant / airplane menu reviews and recommendations.
  • Personal food-shopping where we find better options for drinks and snacks.
  • Access to our Dietary Coach via e-mail and phone.
  • Tracking and monitoring his/her results.

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