Real Dietary Coaching Client Testimonials

We devise highly individualised weight-loss programs for executives worldwide who travel frequently and mainly eat in restaurants. Take a look at our 50+ client testimonials below.

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  • Khalil Al Hosani Department Head at GASCO

    "Dear Lana, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the positive changes that you have encouraged in my life. Your dietary approach truly works! I just want to let you know that since I’ve lost my 10kg on your program I feel great. It’s been almost a year and I still maintain my perfect weight!

    Your philosophy towards healthy eating and safe weight loss has inspired me to continue learning more about this subject. In fact, it had a huge impact on my family members too! You are a true inspiration for healthy eating and a great educator in this field. I wish you all the best in such a noble pursuit and I hope to see you soon speaking at one of my company’s events."

  • Mohamed Al Zarooni Head HR - Business Partner at Dubai Airports

    "Where do I start? The day I met Svetlana as my Dietary Coach is the day my health and and inner confidence took a very positive turn. I was lost in my bad eating habits and had no one to turn, until Svetlana approached me with her plan.

    The best thing about her plan is that how natural and surprisingly easy it has been to follow and adhere it to. My goal was to lose 10-12 kilos and I wasn’t sure how I'd achieve it and get inspired, but Svetlana’s plan showed me the light. The diet plan allowed me to achieve my goal without starving or using any form of uncomfortable diet. I feel much healthier, my body feels completely detoxed and nourished.

    Svetlana’s way is a way of life and there’s no looking back. I highly recommend her as a dietary coach because it’s inspirational, healthy and potentially life saving if done the right way. She’s very attentive and available at all time to help you succeed and achieve your goals."

  • Thomas Halliday Executive Director at mSE Solutions

    "I engaged Lana a few months ago to revisit my nutrition.This was the best investment I made in a long time! Not only was it good fun to work with Lana, she also always took the time to answer the most basic questions while moving to a balanced healthy diet plan. Most importantly I managed to translate the plan into my daily family and working life. Losing weight and feeling better is another side benefit, of course. You will (re-)learn all about constant detox, and how nutrition impacts daily body and brain performance. I highly recommend Lana's services to anyone interested in (re-)adjusting their diet!"

  • Abdulaziz Mohamed Head of Radio Back Office at Etisalat

    "Svetlana has the traits of a top class dietary coach and I was pleased to get her services. She aided me with several solutions as I faced many pitfalls during my exciting weight lose journey. In fact she sent me to a doctor and I discovered a critical health issue that I was suffering from, but never felt anything, which was preventing me from losing weight.

    Not only that, Svetlana backs up her plans with scientifically proven researches from highly reputed bodies which gave me the feeling of trust and safety.

    Thanks Svetlana for the care and support."

  • Kavita Sinha Director of Technology at Silver Spring Networks

    "Svetlana is a coach par excellence! There's no fad diet, no magic pill. She goes to the root of the issue; using her extensive knowledge coupled with gentle but firm coaching to completely transform the way one approaches nutrition and health. And the result shows! I am fitter and healthier now than I was 10 years ago."

  • Shahab Khan Head of Administration at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

    "I have taken Svetlana's diet coaching services for achieving my ambitions weight loss goal. The comprehensive guidance and in person coaching that she provided enabled me to achieve 10 kg of weight loss just in a month time. Svetlana acts like a catalyst and her mentoring changed my way of thinking about food intake. I am glad that I availed her expertise for achieving my weight loss objective.

    I strongly recommend Svetlana's services for those who are striving for weight loss and looking for genuine results without using supplements or medicine, instead learning about proper food intake to manage healthy weight."

  • Gavin Lowth Vice President, Norton Partner Sales & Marketing at Symantec

    "Lana has a wealth of information, is super easy to work with and one of the best nutritional educators I've had the pleasure of working with. A consummate professional with a no nonsense approach that helped me attain my nutritional goals. Highly recommended!"

  • Susan van Boxtel Innovation Advisor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    "Yes, I also highly recommend Lana! Three months of Lana's coaching was the best gift (I gave myself) for my 40th birthday. Lana's advice is factual, practical and easy to implement in my daily routine & diet. I feel much healthier and happier now."

  • Buchan Love VP & Associate General Counsel at Mead Johnson Nutrition

    "Lana is both a great nutritionist and a fantastic coach who helped my wife and I get life changing (I don't use those words lightly) results. Lost unwanted weight and then learned how to support muscle weight gain to complement my exercise regime (in best shape I've been since my mid-twenties), reduced bad cholesterol, increased energy levels, eliminated bloating etc. And like a true coach she taught me not only how to achieve these targets but maintain them as a simple "way of life"; we enjoy our food but do so healthily and sustainably.

    It's been over 5 years since she coached us and we are still in great shape and feeling good - all on the basis of what she taught us in her initial coaching with us. Lana works WITH you, your physiology and your lifestyle, you food and exercise preferences so that you can enjoy your life and meals - no matter where you are in the world (I used to travel extensively with work) - and maintain a healthy, balanced, well nourished life. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough."

  • Nicholas Cator Executive Director at Verlinvest

    "I met Lana through LinkedIn, and was looking for someone who could help me change my diet to a more healthy one and also lose a few kilos that I had gained while travelling around non stop for work for 4-5 months. Her personalized program is really great! Not only is it relatively easy to follow, but more importantly you will have a much healthier diet / lifestyle for the rest of your life, understand the benefits and downsides of different type of foods, lose a few kilos along the way while never feeling hungry! Probably one of my best investments ever."

  • Rochelle Pereira Associate Director at National Bank of Abu Dhabi

    "After following Svetlana's programme I learned how to maintain my healthy weight effortlessly - in the beginning I couldn't believe that it was possible, but obviously it is! She simply introduced me to a concept of healthy eating without any deprivation.

    Svetlana is a real expert and her dietary concepts are easy to follow, make sense and will increase your energy and vitality. Following her advice is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

    I will never go back to my old lifestyle and I strongly recommend Svetlana's programme to everyone who would love to lose weight and start living healthily.

    Thank you Lana for the transformation I have gone through!"

  • Tim Kyle Regional Director Operations at Prudential

    "Lana is an absolutely terrific coach and subject matter expert. Lana's approach isn't difficult to follow, is fact based and designed around individual needs, therefore supporting long lasting habitual change. Your plan (designed with Lana) will help you to eat right no matter how much you travel or entertain. My personal data (to support my recommendation); since Jan - Oct 2016: 19% weight reduction, BMI 24.6, 13% reduction in body fat; feeling terrific, better focus and energy. Look no further, contact Lana if you want to lose weight and make a permanent lifestyle change for the better (and probably add many years to your life expectancy!)."

  • Vikram Rupani Co-Founder and President at RedMart

    "Building and leading a high-growth company is exhilarating, but can take a toll on one’s health. I have always had an active lifestyle, but as Lana will teach you “no amount of exercise can overcome a bad diet!” I engaged Lana earlier this year with the goal of helping me eat right to complement my marathon training. Not only have I lost a fair amount of weight, but also feel more energised, have gotten rid of all my cravings, and generally feel much healthier! The best part is that her "no-frills" method around change is consistent, and everlasting. If you have the will and discipline to improve yourself, I highly recommend engaging Lana. The lessons she has taught me are invaluable, and are today helping me and my family enjoy life to the fullest!"

  • Aileen Chen CEO & Co-Founder at Belly Armor / RadiaShield Technologies

    "Lana is extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. She knows how to listen to her clients' needs and adapt her advice to their habits and preferences. We sought Lana's services for improving our family's overall health, immune systems and energy levels through food. Her wealth of knowledge and customized advice have changed for the better the way our family buys, consumes and prepares food. Our family (adults and little ones) have felt noticeably better and healthier as a result.I highly recommend Lana as a nutritional expert for individuals and for families."

  • Bruno Cavalancia Managing Director at Titanium Industry Global

    "Lana’s approach to adopting a healthy diet is simple, practical and most importantly flexible to cater to your specific needs. Her knowledge of food and food science is exceptional. What makes her stand out is the unique ability to communicate all of this to you in very simple terms. She helped me lose that 10kg that would ‘just not go away’ over the last 20 years. Her listening and coaching skills motivates you to follow and achieve the desired results. It works! My eating habits have changed permanently and though I sometimes go back to eating a ‘little’ more than 50grams of pasta once in a while, I have maintained my weight, feel much more energetic, sleep better and am wearing pants two sizes smaller! THANK YOU, Lana."

  • Jean-Paul Binot Executive Director at EY

    "Svetlana helped me achieve my weight loss target, and more generally take control of my wellbeing and diet. This was done gradually, in a period of 6 months, which made it quite painless, and more importantly sustainable. Lana’s no-nonsense approach and focus on what really matters was a major reassurance for me that I was doing the right thing in the right way, avoiding pitfalls and fads. I unreservedly recommend Svetlana as an effective dietary coach, who is also a pleasure to work with."

  • Anne Netto Legal Counsel & Contracts Manager at MODEC Offshore Production Systems

    "My husband and I are so glad that we came to you for dietary advice. It has been a life changing experience for both of us and when you included my daughter, who was having skin problems, to your program, it became a family commitment. We are in awe of everything you have taught us, your sense of detail and understanding of our needs helped make the shift that was needed to help us enjoy an even greater active life. We shall be recommending you to our family and friends."

  • Stefan Ullrich Senior Manager at ICE (Intercontinental Exchange)

    "I found Svetlana through a lucky coincidence on LinkedIn. I had previously tried losing weight for years without any success whatsoever. Thanks to Lana I lost eight kilos of weight in as many weeks between January and March this year - and thanks to her thorough follow up and unwavering support have managed to keep it off since then. My metabolism is significantly improved and I expect to make further progress as I am now looking at developing a more regular exercise routine. (The weight loss was entirely due to Lana's tailor made diet plan, as I practically did not exercise during those eight weeks.) Lana's very special talent is that she will take the time to truly understand your requirements and your circumstances and design a fully personalised diet plan just for you. The results are immediate and very, very impressive. I recommend Lana wholeheartedly to anyone who is serious about losing weight and getting back in shape. Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions."

  • Kevin Legg Managing Director at Gerson Lehrman Group

    "Engaging Svetlana has been an excellent investment. I was impressed with the thoroughness of her work in understanding my specific habits, biochemistry, and priorities. Once the programme started, it was nice having some simple rules and ideas based on good science. Svetlana does not incorporate fads or junk science in her approach. I have the results I wanted - better nutrition, better energy, better sleep, and practical habits for travel nutrition. I am happy to serve as a reference for anyone interested in taking Svetlana on as a dietary coach."

  • Jeannette Arrowood Managing Director at Sysomos

    "Svetlana is very sensitive to people as individuals, and this is what makes her work worth the cost. As a professional who travels frequently for my job, I was not making great choices at home or when travelling. Singapore was hard for me to adjust to nutritionally, and Lana created a specific set of foods that mirror what I like to eat but that are much healthier options. She became a friend over our sessions and was able to make recommendations that helped me with everything from sleep to reducing stress. Lana helped me to stop treating food like a bank, trading less here for more there later, and to instead treating it like nourishment. I highly recommend her for anyone who has struggled with changing their diets or who feel "stuck" at their current weight."

  • Gary Newbold Vice President APAC Sales at Gigamon

    "Lana's plan is great and she is AWESOME!"

  • Gustavo Macedo General Manager at CBMM

    "The experience of working with Lana was amazing. I was looking for a way to improve my wellbeing through a better understanding of my food intake. She brought so much clarity to the matter in a very didactic way. By making few adjustments to my daily routine I could notice clear improvements to my energy levels and sleep quality in a matter of days. By understanding how different foods work and interact I can say that the changes made are for the long term."

  • Helene Keech Senior Vice President Senior Vice President Corporate Communication at SWAROVSKI

    "Svetlana has re defined the concept of a nutritionist by offering smart and tailor made Programmes for busy people! She is intelligent and listens and really offers support and guidance and hard facts when needed which is so helpful! I have loved working with Svetlana as she teaches new ways of increasing energy and decreasing hunger and weight by offering strategies that are sustainable and easy to apply. Svetlana has changed my nutrition principles forever!"

  • Tim Phillipps APAC Leader Financial Crime Strategy and Response Network at Deloitte

    "Lana is amazing! I was low on energy and was in a bad place in terms of my overall eating patterns - too much of the wrong food at the wrong time. She designed a program and then counseled me through a series of changes and adjustments to meet my specific needs.

    End result 20cm off my waist - about 8 kgs lighter and a completely new and energized me. First time I have been this size in 20 Years !! Not fast -but sustainable and no real effort to continue.

    I don't find myself falling asleep in meetings and my mental focus and ability to concentrate is truly noticeable - well to me anyway :-).

    She helped me completely change my eating patterns - I'm cooking again and experiment with the eating principles she has helped me understand.

    This is not short term weight loss - this is long term behavioral diet change for life."

  • Narinder J Singh Co-founder, COO, Utopia Global, Inc

    "My wife and I met Svetlana (Lana) in Nov 2013 and have been very pleased with the advice we received from her. She helped us redesign our diets and in particular added healthy options like green smoothies, green salads and healthier main courses. I travel very frequently and her advice has helped me lower/maintain my weight despite eating out often. Her advice was tailored to my food preferences since I am vegetarian.

    She has been available for reviews and consultation over the course of the last three years."

  • Dorit Grueber Vice President of Marketing, Asia at Grohe Pacific Pte Ltd

    "I engaged Svetlana 5 months ago as I was struggling to reduce weight while being in a stressful job that requires around 70% traveling. 4 1/2 month later and I lost 5 kg, feel healthier than ever before and have more energy. Svetlana is extremely knowledgeable and she helped me to understand what it takes to feed my body nutrition and manage stress. I can highly recommend her if you want to live healthier and/or lose weight. She opened my eyes to understand my body requirements and how to balance my diet. She gave me a tailored approach which was easy to follow even with all my travel and by today it is part of my new lifestyle."

  • Joel Bar-El CEO at Trax Technology Solutions

    "I can highly recommend Lana. I mean, Lana is a very nice person, knowledgeable and professional but this is not why you are reading this recommendation...

    Lana promised me that I would lose 1 KG of weight each week if I follow her life style dietary recommendations... I did (sort of) and the magic did happen. This is not my first (or second) attempt (with other "systems") so I was very skeptical at first (especially when her recommendations included everything I like to eat, so nothing too hard to implement).

    Lana built a specialized plan designed for me, followed up with me and helped me along the way... I was following the instructions to some extent but I dont have such a strong character so missed it here and there... but nevertheless, I lost 1 KG every week, for about 8-9 weeks. I am now about 5 month after meeting Lana and still about 8-9 KG slimmer. I changed my lifestyle very little, so easy to maintain what I have achieved.

    It may be obvious, but since I lost weight I had to buy new clothes (the old ones where just too large), I have more energy, I sleep better, and feel better. I also got my best blood tests ever (less cholesterol etc..).

    So yes - go for it - I am very happy I did!!"

  • Pankaj Khanna CEO at Pioneer Marine Inc

    "I turned to Lana for nutrition counselling after trying to lose weight on my own and not being able to shift it. The personalized diet Lana suggested for me was easy and incorporated my extensive traveling and eating out. It changed my eating habits for the better and improved my health in general. I have lost 6 kgs on the diet."

  • Sharon Tan Director, Change Communications at LIXIL Group

    "2 months into the diet, I lost the stubborn 5 kg I couldn't lose for nearly a decade. What is amazing is that I maintained it without putting it back on. Something I was never able to do with the detox juicing or Atkins or no-carbo-all-protein diets. I love Lana's coaching, her pragmatic way of the 80:20 rule and personalized diet plan. Sustainability is her success formula. Thank you Lana from the bottom of my heart for coaching me to eat healthy, I have never felt so good, thanks for your support!"

  • Sam Dajani Group CEO at Cyklop International

    "Before I met up with Lana, I was gradually increasing my weight despite decreasing consumption of bread, pasta, rice potatoes etc. In addition, I reduced my intake at dinner after having a relatively large breakfast and lunch. I was frustrated and uncomfortable with my present situation.

    Fortunately, after linking up and meeting up with Lana, she explained her program; set clear objectives: daily, weekly and monthly with a view of losing more than 10 kgs within 6 months. Keep in mind I travel > 60% of the time.

    She monitored my progress regularly (three to four times per week); clearly flagged when I deviated and ultimately taught me how to lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    I am < 1 kg from realizing my goal and feel so much better. She has given me the tools to sustain my weight and stay healthier.

    Thank you Lana."

  • Marko Jovanovic Vice President Retail Performance Europe Ralph Lauren

    "Sveta helped me not only to loose 11kg in three months, but most importantly to understand the "why" and the nutrition processes guiding this strange machine called human body. A great and pragmatic professional, truly passionate about her job, she is also a fun person to interact with. "

  • Jacob Petersen Senior Director, Surgical Workflows and Infection Control, APAC

    "Upon good recommendations, I hired Lana as Dietary Coach and worked with her for 3 months. I can definitely recommend Lana as Dietary Coach and would highlight her high knowledge level and personal commitment as her top benefits. Combined with great empathy and coaching skills, the program was really a success and I am still using the learnings in my every day life. Lana certainly has my highest recommendations as Dietary Coach!"

  • Jered Hol Regional HR Manager, South East Asia/Pacific

    "I can absolutely recommend Svetlana. It has been a pleasure to be guided by her and I learned a lot about nutrition: about sugars, acidity, digestion, liver detox, the role of fibres and how it all hangs together. Best investment in myself and my future (health wise) I have done in many years! By keeping me disciplined and motivated to work my plan with weekly feedback on the food logs, it was a tremendous help in achieving my weight loss target. Finally.. Thanks Lana!"

  • Madhuri Agrawal Business & Supply Chain Excellence Leader at Orica

    "Meeting Lana has fundamentally changed the way I view nutrition. I now feel great about my health and my food choices. I highly recommend her as a nutrition coach."

  • Stein Chingen Haugan Managing Director at TONG TEIK FERTILIZERS

    "Svetlana's knowledge of nutrition and ability to convey her expertise is second to none. Over a 3 month period she worked wonders with my health guiding me on how to eat, what to eat - and when to eat. She has developed nutritional concepts individually tailored to such perfection that it is virtually impossible not to succeed. I would highly recommend Svetlana - she must be one - if not the best - in her profession. A great investment in getting a substantially improved and healthy lifestyle.Thank you Svetlana for your help, guidance and assistance in improving my health."

  • Michael Dreyer Managing Director, Group VP Asia Pacific at Koelnmesse Pte Ltd

    "I have worked with Svetlana on a personal dietary coaching program October 2015 until this week. I can highly recommend this; not only have I (almost) achieved my weight loss target, but Svetlana has also shown me how to balance my diet and get to a much healthier overall stage. She has designed a very personalized program for me, taking into account my heavy travel schedule as well as my food preferences, and has been available for recommendations at any time."

  • Hari Vijayarajan EVP and Regional Head of Electronics at Lazada Group

    "Lana has been amazing to work with. Her knowledge on balanced nutrition, diet and exercise and how to manage my hectic weekly travel schedule was a real boon. I came very close to my target (more due to indiscipline from my end) but still continue to follow her guidance and advice on my meal plan. She made it easy to follow and motivated me throughout! Well done Lana and thanks for changing my life."

  • Doug Alliston Managing Director at Fragrance Oils (Far East) Pte Ltd

    "I have been enjoying working with Lana as a client over the past few months and have been genuinely surprised by the results. To put this into context, I come from a long line of butchers, enjoy finding any excuse to enjoy a glass of red wine and have never been, and continue not to be, interested in a diet. So when Lana appeared on my linked in radar I thought I would set her a challenge. I wanted to be directed to healthy eating without feeling as if I was going to deny myself food and beverage that I enjoy. Lana directed me to low hanging fruit, excuse the pun, to change in my diet that would enable me to achieve my objective. As such, I am here a few months later still enjoying everything that I eat whenever I want to eat it, not having given up wine, and feeling a lot healthier because of the guidance that I have been given. I also have lost weight without even trying and that wasn't an objective in the first place. So Lana many thanks for your guidance and advice, I have concluded that you are like the fragrance industry. You wake people up to something quite fundamental in our lives and environment and make them realise just how easy the benefits are to grasp."

  • Karthik Sathyamoorthy Managing Director at Galway Group

    "Lana is one of the best dietary coaches in Singapore.She is knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and easy to work with. Her style of working is extremely efficient where she listens to the client's day to day habits and then comes with a diet plan which is so easy to follow. Given the diverse clientele she has in Singapore, it is amazing how she could come with a unique diet proposal set, to meet individual food restrictions and eating patterns. Investing in her advice is probably the best investment towards a healthy lifestyle. I recommend Lana as a nutritional expert for anyone who wants to see a positive change in them."

  • Tim Madley CEO at Icap Shipping

    "Svetlana is a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend her to anyone wishing to achieve significant results and enjoy a learning process along the way. I have a reasonable knowledge of diet, nutrition and fitness, but had had reached impasse on the weight and fitness front - Svetlana analysed my lifestyle and came up with a program that was both effective and sustainable - she has a wealth of knowledge that she communicates in her easy going style and is a pleasure to work with."

  • Eric Chua Vice President, Strategic Planning at TVS-Asianics Supply Chain Solutions

    "In light of escalating stress at work, I engaged Lana to help me develop healthier eating habits and stem my alarming weight increase. She proved to be extremely knowledgeable. While articles about food nutrition are readily available online nowadays, Lana was able to guide me confidently through conflicting views, with positive results. Her diet plan is customised and logical – and steers clear of quick-fix diet fads. At the end of the programme, I managed to lose nearly 10 kg and reach weight levels not seen since my teens. This was without going through any exercise regime or taking any slimming supplements. I had to renew my wardrobe because my old clothes became too loose-fitting. I also managed to wean myself off most junk food, and I don’t even crave for them any more. I would recommend her most wholeheartedly if you would like to develop healthier eating habits."

  • Peter Cirino General Manager / Strategy & Business Development at TE Connectivity

    "I just finished the 4 month program with Lana. Her program is very effective. She helped me lose 40lbs but more importantly she has helped me learn how to eat more healthfully so that I can continue to lose weight and to keep off the weight that I have lost. I'd recommend Lana's program to anyone who is serious about losing weight and changing their eating habits permanently."

  • Leo Vincent General Manager at Jardine Shipping Services

    "Lana is full of energy and knowledge, which together with her passion for all things healthy and nutritious makes her a great dietary coach.

    From a personal perspective, she has helped me reach my target weight within a month and most importantly maintain it for the past 5 to 6 months now. Lana is a true professional and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is seeking to improve on their own health or dietary goals.

    Thanks Lana."

  • Falgun Thakkar Partner - Transfer Pricing at PwC

    "Lana is a wonderful coach who takes a great deal of effort to understand the situation to tailor her ideas specific to your needs. Her approach is designed to give the best outcome according to your condition. It has been a pleasure working with her over the past one year to achieve the results that I had hoped for."

  • Laurence Corray Vice President / Senior Marine Claims Manager at Marsh (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    "It has been the soundest investment in my life so far and cannot thank Lana enough. Have lost 8 1/2 kgs, friends and colleagues are taken back by my healthy skin and weight loss."

  • Chris Cheesman Global Reward Manager/Business Partner

    "I've been on diets for the last 10 years, none of which where sustainable. What sets Lana apart from the rest is that she offers personalised coaching, as opposed to "launch and leave" solutions that most give - the tailoring and adjusting as you give leads to a truly individual plan. Lana also takes her time to understand your needs and ensure this is not another 'fad' diet.

    I also lost 7kg along the way, my energy levels increased and I now have a toolbox to self-manage and keep control.

    I would highly recommend Lana, particularly if you are someone like me that was stuck in a rut with diets - if you want an holistic, honest, realistic plan and a coach, that works! You have found the right person."

  • Scott Robertson Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at Zscaler

    "I met Svetlana about 15 months ago after returning from a rather heavy Christmas celebration with family and friends. I was at an all time "high" in terms of body weight and even though I like to keep fit, it was becoming clear that the excess was starting to show. Svetlana's program was exactly what I needed to better understand my diet, nutritional intake and the impact certain foods had on my digestive system. I've since lost 10kgs, feel better than ever and often told I'm looking younger. Happy for you to contact me if you'd like to know more as I couldn't be happier for meeting Svetlana!"

  • Darren Wedding Corporate Head of Operations at Zuellig Pharma

    "I had been trying to shed a few extra kilos to get back into shape without any great success. I sought Svetlana's services to try a different approach. I found Svetlana to be very engaging in her approach and she clearly adapted the approach to suit the demands of my lifestyle. Yes there were some sacrifices, however Svetlana ensured that I understood the "why" and which elements were most important. The regular feedback and ability to adjust the program on the run was also beneficial. If you are looking for a smart approach to weight loss I would definitely recommend Svetlana."

  • Vikramaditya (Vik) Bajpai VP & Area Head of Human Resources, Asia & Japan, Alcon - a Novartis Company

    "Svetlana has a high touch approach which helped me maximize the value I got from being on her program. Her very practical and nutrition based philosophy made the diet plan very easy to follow and within 2 weeks went from being an eating plan to a full lifestyle change with amazing results. I would specially like to endorse her plan for people who are on the road a lot - this has worked for me!"

  • Derren Selvarajah IT Director, Product Engineering, Standard Chartered Bank

    "I was stuck in my journey to optimal health and weight and engaged Svetlana for an initial consultation where she very quickly detected my needs, challenges and a clear way forward. This revealed her very wide, detailed and all encompassing knowledge and experience around diet and nutrition. I thought I knew a lot, clearly not!! After taking the plunge to go on a six month journey, the experience has been fantastic and results overwhelming. I was skeptical at first that the goals we agreed to were achievable having tried and failed many times before. Svetlana gave me a personalised and detailed plan, walking me through it and provided constant support to stick with it. Being able to have someone you can ask all the stupid questions and help you navigate tempting restaurant menus at a moments notice is also a valuable service that Svetlana provided. This really took the stress out of family dinners, corporate events and travel, allowing me to stay on track. I cannot speak highly enough and would thoroughly recommend Svetlana. This is not a quick fix (although results come fast if you stick to the plan), it's a lifestyle and mindset change. No fads, no gimmicks, no hours in the gym, just discipline and humility to listen, take the advice and stick to it."

  • Ashwin Puri Vice President - Remarketing & Mobile at Komli Media

    "I engaged Lana in 2013 to re-visit my overall nutrition plan given a very hectic traveling work life. She did an incredible job from explaining the basics to building a detailed plan and very useful travel tips. I achieved good results in the couple of months we worked together but most importantly she helped me make core lifestyle changes that have been amazing in helping me see continued progress. And... she is super fun to work with! I would highly recommend Lana as a dietary coach and nutrition consultant."

  • Shumit Kapoor Regional President AsiaPac, Royal Canin at Mars

    "I found Svetlana to be extremely competent and professional. She was able to assess my lifestyle while taking into account my extensive travel and recommend a personalized program that I was able to follow. Her tailor-made program was easy to follow even when traveling, and she was always available for follow ups. I would highly recommend her program."

  • Larry Llamzon Vice President & Head of Sales (Asia/Pacific) at IDC

    "Lana first analyzes and understands your lifestyle, daily routine, as well as cultural background, and then develops a dietary program which takes a holistic approach that caters to your own personal goals. Her dietary concepts are very practical, logical, and easy to adopt. She meticulously follows up on your progress, consistently coaches you on healthy habits, and encourages you towards your defined objectives. Her long-term approach towards sustainable results have yielded excellent changes, with a much healthier lifestyle, and significant improvements in energy, strength, and stamina."

  • Allan Toner Head of Applications Services Sales - Asia & South Africa at CSC

    "Lana is brilliant! I lost 20kgs in 4 months. No fancy pills, or crazy exercise programs. Just fresh healthy food at the right time of the day. As Lana says, “it's all about the science of food."

  • Fermin Diez Deputy CEO & Group Director

    "What I got from Lana was not a diet but a completely new way to approach what and how I eat. Her wealth of knowledge made a big difference in adjusting my eating patterns. I reached my goal within a few months and have stayed there for the past three months. As a bonus, her recipes are yummy!"

  • Vikrant Kanyal Founder and Partner, Nuevo Asia

    "Svetlana is a talented and committed coach for anyone who wants to lose his/her weight. She understood my food habits in detail and gave me a plan which was practical, and ensured through modifications to the plan that I achieved my objectives."

  • Nicholas Gleeson Group CFO, BW Group

    "Svetlana developed a dietary program for me in my personal capacity which was tailored to my lifestyle / training plan as has had great results in terms of boosting my energy and developing lean strength. A pleasure to work with."

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