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Dietary Coach is a leading weight-loss coaching provider, offering customized programs for people who travel a lot and frequently eat in restaurants. Over the last decade we have transformed the bodies and wellbeing of hundreds of executives.

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Svetlana Sarantseva - Director & Dietary Coach

Svetlana Sarantseva is a Dietary Coach and Founder of Dietary Coach. She has graduated from the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin and Kingston University, London. Focused, dynamic and a peerless motivator, her coaching approach is upbeat, yet down to earth. Since 2011, she has successfully coached top executives worldwide, helping men and women to achieve their desired weight-loss goals.

Having lived in 5 different countries – UAE, Russia, UK, Sweden and Singapore – and traveled to more than 70, Svetlana brings a truly international flair and the understanding of different cultures to the table. Based on these experiences she has developed a unique weight management program for people who travel a lot and eat mainly in restaurants.

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Sheila Downes - Nutritional Therapist

Sheila Downes is a Nutritional Therapist based in Ireland. She has graduated from the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. Sheila has worked at a top weight loss clinic in Ireland, which has allowed her use her knowledge and skills to help clients achieve their weight loss goals and optimize their wellbeing.

With a keen interest in traveling and exploring different cuisines, her creativity is evident for dietary planning and exploring food options while on planes and trains. Sheila is warm, friendly and focused on helping busy executives achieve their weight loss goals.

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