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Personalized Nutrition For Executives

Before you continue reading, take a look at what clients say about us!

Dietary Coach is run by Svetlana Sarantseva, a Certified Dietary Coach trained at the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin.

At Dietary Coach we devise highly individualised weight-loss programs for executives who travel frequently and mainly eat in restaurants.

Among our clients are CEOs and top executives worldwide, and our current success rate stands at 85%. Read our testimonials here.

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Real Testimonials

I engaged Lana a few months ago to revisit my nutrition. This was the best investment I made in a long time!
- Thomas Halliday (Executive Director)
I had previously tried losing weight for years without any success whatsoever. Thanks to Lana I lost eight kilos of weight in as many weeks between January and March this year!
- Stefan Ullrich (Director)
My husband and I are so glad that we came to you for dietary advice. It has been a life changing experience for both of us.
- Anne Netto (Legal Counsel)
"It has been the soundest investment in my life so far and cannot thank Lana enough. Have lost 8 1/2 kgs, friends and colleagues are taken back by my healthy skin and weight loss.
- Laurence Corray (Vice President)