Svetlana Sarantseva, Founder & Dietary Coach, LinkedIn Profile

Personalized Nutrition for Executives!

My name is Svetlana, I am a Certified Dietary Coach based in Singapore, trained at the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin and regularly featured in The Straits Times on nutrition and wellness topics.

At Dietary Coach we devise highly individualised weight-loss programs for executives who travel frequently and mainly eat in restaurants.

If we get your commitment to become slim and fit, we guarantee you will see a positive change in just one month! Among our clients are CEOs and top executives from Singapore and abroad, and our current success rate stands at 85%. Read our real client testimonials here.

For more information contact us here, email me to or give me a call on +65 9448 4294!

I can be reached Monday to Saturday 10am-8pm.

Real Testimonials

Svetlana developed a dietary program for me in my personal capacity which was tailored to my lifestyle/training plan as has had great results in terms of boosting my energy and developing lean strength.
- Nicholas Gleeson (CEO)
Lana is the most professional nutrition coach I ever worked with. I met her in January 2012. My weight was 107 Kg. In May 2012 I reached to 82Kg and I'm still enjoying my new weight.
- Nizar Edaili (Director)
Dubai, U.A.E.
Svetlana is a real expert and a great nutrition consultant. Her dietary concepts are easy to follow, make sense and will increase your energy and vitality. Following her advice is one of the best thing that ever happened to me.
- Rochelle P (Credit Analyst)
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.